Neveon KINEA TURF SP RF 200/12 - Shock pad 12mm x 2100mm

Our kinea shock pad is intended for use as a shock absorbing underlay for artificial turf systems with or without infill on bonded or unbonded subbases.
Basis for the NEVEON rebonded foams are re-used trimmings that result from the production of flexible polyurethane foam.

▪ Fast, easy and weather independent installation (no need for additional equipment during installation for rolling out or to fix it to protect it against heavy winds).
▪ Excellent, efficient drainage through its open cell structure.
▪ Long lasting product performance through its perfect compression set and fatigue resistance. Consistent shock absorption and vertical deformation values.
▪ Ideal thermal conductive figures – useable for heated pitches.
▪ Water retention capabilities give a cooling effect to the system and reduce water consumption for water-based hockey pitches.
▪ Eco friendly and odorless, useable also for indoor applications.
▪ Cut to length on customer request.

▪ Football

▪ Since all our kinea sport shock pads are composed out of recycled materials, we hereby pursue the thoughts of a circular economy.
▪ Long-lasting performance with minimum loss in performance through its high compression set and fatigue resistance.
▪ Easy to recycle and to reuse.
▪ We give 16 years of warranty for our kinea shock pad (details see separate document).

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